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Open your Heart

Renew your Spirit 

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I am a Mindfulness mediation teacher, an intuitive life coach and an energy healer, i belief there’s no one size fits all in both spirituality and healing. Every one I've met all have different stories and life experiences that has shaped their life's, beliefs and the way they see themselves in the world today. Being both a certified health and life coach, I always emphasize the importance of both primary and secondary foods for overall wellbeing. (Mind Body Soul & Spirit). My goal is to get you to where you are meant to be in the most simple and supportive way possible. My approach is different from one person to the other . I am 100% Holistic which means the "WHOLE". We'll take apart , remove what's causing the glitch then put it all back together. All aspect of the whole; Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.


Contact me for a free no obligation initial consultation to find out what healing modality best fits your needs;Sound energy healing, Reiki, EFT&TFT Tapping to release limiting beliefs, Angelic healing , Aromatherapy, Past-life regressions, Flower Essences and or Mindful Meditation Practices.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Reiki & Sound Energy Healing

I combine light touch of Reiki, Crystal Bowl Sound, Healing sound Frequencies, Essential Oils. Simultaneously clearing out your chakras, balancing your energy field and connecting you back to source energy.

Holistic Health Coaching

I will support and help create healthy lifestyle choices, navigate the obstacles, help integrate new healthy alternatives to achieve short and longterm healthy living goals.

One on One Mindful Meditation

I'll lead you through a guided meditation created  just for you, to find peace and tranquility. Quieting the chatter of the mind while reducing stress and anxiety.

Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Spiritual life coach I only serve as a guide helping you navigate your way to your truth , every question and answer that is all within you, supporting your spiritual growth as we explore and create the life you really want.


Shola Abraham


4535 30th St, Suite 116, San Diego, CA 92116